Rabbit money saving tips

  • Hay: Buy in bulk from the farm. Buying small bags of hay from pet stores can get expensive fast! Buying hay directly from a farmer can cut costs way down. Ordering hay in 50-lb. boxes online from farms is already a bargain compared to the small bags from pet stores, but taking a trip to a local farmer to buy a bale is really the way to go. A bale of Timothy hay, which can last several months, typically costs about $10. Vegetables: Ask your grocery store for veggie scraps. Ask staffers at your local grocery store to collect their vegetable scraps for you. Grocery stores throw away tons of perfectly good veggies, including carrot, beet, and radish tops, or the outer layers of lettuces, cabbages, and other greens. Be sure to never use vegetables that look wilted or old and wash everything extra carefully. Another idea is to try growing your own mint (which grows like a weed), parsley or other herbs in your garden. Be sure to check which plants are toxic to rabbits before feeding anything new.