Daily care habits for bunnies

  • Brush rabbit.  Please do not use a wire slicker brush.  These brushes act like rakes against a rabbit’s delicate skin.  The best brushes to use are flea combs, brushes with soft bristles, and rubber brushes.  Rabbits must be brushed once every day (2 or 3 times a day during shedding season) to prevent them from swallowing large amounts of fur.  Rabbits cannot vomit, so they are unable to “cough up a hairball.”  Any hair they swallow must pass through their system.  If it does not pass through their system, an intestinal impaction called a trichobezoar forms and the rabbit dies.  You may want to give your rabbit a papaya tablet every few days in an effort to prevent this from happening.  It is also important that your rabbit eats large amounts of Timothy hay every day because the fiber helps the rabbit pass any hair that is swallowed. Feel your rabbit’s stomach to check for any unusual lumps in the stomach (a normal rabbit stomach feels like soft dough). Pet your rabbit’s entire body to check for any unusual lumps and bumps.