What value does Num Numz bring?

Nothing serious, just game changing ingredients to guarantee the longest and healthiest life for your fuzzy little family member!

Why is our hay revolutionary you ask? Because unlike other brands, our hay is:
  • sourced exclusively from farms in the high altitude nevada mountain climate because our research shows that this is the ideal environment to produce a product unlike any other
  • never fumigated so you know you are never feeding your pets nasty chemicals that other companies would want you to overlook
  • hand selected to make sure we only send you the softest, cleanest, highest quality hay
  • picked from rotating crop sources every few years (At Most!) to balance the soil’s nitrogen levels to guarantee the most nutrition per bite

Giving Back: Here’s How Your Order Helps Save Lives

When you purchase a box from Num Numz, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to animal shelters and rescues that are working to save abused and neglected animals in need!

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