What’s Our Mission?
Simple: We Want To Give Your Pets The Best Dang Hay Ever!

We strive to provide your pets with the most nourishing, healthy, organic, and superior hay on the market! We understand that your pet isn’t just an animal, they’re an extension of your own family, and we’d do anything to help our family stay happy and healthy! We take the guesswork out of nutrition so that you always know that you’re feeding your pets what their bodies naturally need to keep on loving you for years to come!

When you go with Num Numz, you get exceptional and hand picked hay your pets can’t get enough of! We guarantee no icky pesticides that could be harmful to your loved ones. And if you’re ever dissatisfied with a box of hay, just let us know and we’ll send you another one with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Our Values
(Spoiler: We Never Cut Corners)

We go to the extreme to make sure that you never feed your pet anything less than perfection! We hold consistency, honesty, convenience, and quality control as the foundation of our company, and that’s not changing any time soon. When you order from Num Numz, your pet becomes part of our family! And as an honorary member of our family, we’re dedicated to making sure your pet is living their best life!

Giving Back: Here’s How Your Order Saves Lives

When you purchase a box from Num Numz, a portion of the proceeds go directly to animal rescues and shelters who are working day in and day out to save the lives of animals who have been neglected or abused! When you order from Num Numz, you get to be a part of something bigger. Your pet gets premium quality hay while an animal somewhere in the world gets to find a loving home! Everybody wins!